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Driving Test Cancellations

With waiting times of up to 18 weeks for the driving test, many driving test candidates are looking to driving test cancellation finding services to help them to get an earlier driving test date.

The problem with long test waiting times has been compounded by driving examiners leaving the profession while at the same time valuable man hours have been lost in training driving examiners in the the trials of the potential new driving test.

How do these businesses work?

Quite simply they keep scaning the DVSA website to see when driving test cancellations come up. There are frequent cancellations that come up but it difficult for an individual driving test candidate to keep scanning the test booking website. There arte plenty of driving test cancellation finder sites to help you get driving test cancellations.

Charges for using the service vary from around £10 to £25 with an average price of around £19. Driving test cancellations 4 all charge £18 for their service. They guarantee that a one off fee will cover you even if you fail your first test and need to book another and also that they will refund your fee if they are unable to find a suitable test slot for you. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully.

You have to book a driving test yourself first to be in the DVSA system and then after that the service will notify you by email or text as and when any suitable test slots become available at your test centre. You are not obliged to take the dates they offer you if they are not suitable. Most of these driving test cancellation finder sites have many satisfied customers. Many will find you unlimited driving test cancellations until you find a test date that suits you.