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Ages at which you are entitled to drive

At what age can I start learning to drive?
You can drive off road or on a road that the public does not have access to at any age. You may not drive a car on a public road until your 17th birthday.

Can I start driving lessons before I'm 17?
Only if your instructor is able to offer off road tuition. Those driving schools that offer this facility will do so from age 16.

Do I have to take a driving test when I'm 70?
No. Your licence lasts until your 70th birthday. After that you can apply to renew your licence and each renewal lasts 3 years. There is however no test.

Age Type of Vehicle
14 years - electrically assisted pedal cycle
16 years

- mopeds
- cars. This applies to people receiving the mobility component of disability living allowance at the higher level
- small agricultural tractors
- small mowing machines or any other small pedestrian controlled vehicle

17 years

- motorbikes up to 125cc power
- cars
- large agricultural tractors
- small road rollers

18 years

- In England, Wales and Scotland, vans and lorries if you are a member of the young driver’s scheme
- In Northern Ireland, minibuses with between nine and 16 passenger seats towing a trailer up to 750kg if you are a member of the armed forces
- Medium lorries (in N. Ireland, medium lorries of between 3,500kg and 7,500kg towing a trailer up to 750kg

21 years

- large road-roller
- all other vehicles