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Applying for a provisional licence

How do I apply for a provisional licence?
You can get information on how to apply for a driving licence from the Directgov website at: Most people can apply online and it usually takes two weeks for the licence to arrive. Applications by post usually take a little longer.

How much does a provisional licence cost?
A provisional licence currently costs £50

In Northern Ireland, for information about the types of identification you need when you apply for a driving licence, go to:

Licences are currently issued in two parts. One section is a credit card sized photocard and contains details of the categories of vehicles which you are entitled to drive. The other section is a paper document setting out your licence entitlement history and any valid endorsements, including penalty points and disqualification periods. These licences are called photocard licences. You must produce both parts of the licence when required to do so. DVLA intend to introduce one part photocard licences in the near future.

Photocard licences must be renewed every ten years to ensure the photograph remains up to date. Paper licences that were issued before the introduction of photocard licences remain valid until their expiry date or the details on them need to be changed.

To renew your licence with a new photo, costs £20 -