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Penalties for Speeding

If you are caught speeding the minimum penalty is 3 points on your driving licence and a £100 fine. However, more serious offences will result in higher fines and potentially more points on your driving licence. There are guidelines for what penalty you will receive, but if you have to go to court, it will be at the court's discretion and they may consider aggravating or mitigaqting circumstances.

The following table gives the current speeding penalty guidelines depending on the speed limit and actual speed recorded:

Speed Limit
Actual Speed
Points on Licence
20 - 30mph
up to 10mph faster
3 points
11 - 20mph faster
4 or 5 points
21 - 30 mph faster
6 points *
40 - 50 mph
up to 15mph faster
3 points
16 - 25 mph faster
4 or 5 points
26 - 35 mph faster
6 points *
60 - 70 mph
up to 20mph faster
3 points
26 - 30 mph faster
4 or 5 points
31 - 40 mph faster
6 points *

* or disqualification from driving for between 14 and 56 days

In addition, the court may award a fine of up to £1,000. This is increased to up to £2,500 for speeding on Motorways.

What speeding fine you will get will depend on the speed you were travelling and how much it exceeded the speed limit. A tiny amount over the speed limit probably wont be noticed. A moderate amount and you could get an NIP through the post, which should arrive with the registered keeper of the vehicle within 14 days of the alleged speeding offence. If your speeding was moderate it will probably be dealt with as a fixed penalty notice. Very excessive speeding will require a couirt appearance for speeding with consequently higher speeding fines.