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Updating Your Licence - Do you need to update?





Although when you pass your test, you do not need to take the test agin unless you get banned, nonetheless you have to renew your photocard licence every 10 years. If you fail to update your photo-card driving licences you face a potential fine of £1000, according to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

DVLA started issuing photo-card licences 15 years ago and more than 30 million drivers now have one. They are valid for 10 years and there is a legal requirement for drivers to renew the photograph at the same time as they renew their licence. However, two million drivers have failed to do so.

Anyone who is pulled over by the police and who has not updated their licence could be fined £1000. Many people don't realise that even failing to notify the DVLA that you have changed address could be costly.

If you change your address or name, you have to tell the DVLA, so that your driving licence and car registration details can be updated. Towards the bottom of the card, you will find the address the authorities have for you.

Normally the cost of renewing a licence is £20 but if you are merely updating your address, your new licence will be free. if you need a new photo for your licence the photo from your passport may be used.