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New log books

The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency is encouraging people who have a blue V5C Log Book to exchange it for a new style red one. In 2006, some of the old style log books or vehicle registration documents were stolen. Certificate numbers range from BG8229501 to BG9999030 and BI2305501 to BI2800000. These blank certificates could be used to make a stolen or cloned car look more genuine. The DVLA therefoe decided to replace its blue certificate to minimise risk to the public- so the red equivalent has been issued with new cars for some time. In addition anyone with with older cars will have received the upgraded certificate when applying for changes to the registration details, such as a new address. However, there are still plenty of old style blue certificates about.


Of course some people regard a V5C Log Book as proof of ownership but it is not. It simply “shows who is responsible for registering and taxing the vehicle”. This is clearly explained on the new red certificate. A buyer should, therefore, look for further proof that the seller is entitled to dispose of the vehicle – particularly if purchasing privately. Evidence could be a receipt the owner received when obtaining the vehicle. Although having the vehicles service history is not proof of ownership it might help set your mind at rest.The buyer might require seller's permission and cooperation to complete this step. It is also important to examine the V5C to ensure it is legitimate (even if it is red). You should check the watermark, for example, and look for signs of tampering.  Also ensure that every detail matches the car such as the vehicle identification number, engine number, registration number, etc. The buyer can also confirm via the internet what information the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency holds on the vehicle. This includes the date of first registration, year of manufacturer, tax status and when its last V5C Log Book was issued. The new log books are designed to make fraud more difficult and so you should definitely upgrade.