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Traffic Lights

What is the sequence of traffic lights? The normal sequence of traffic lights is:

red - red and amber together - green - amber - red

This is the sequence for the lights at a junction. They do not necessarily apply at pedestrian crossings (eg pelican crossings wwhich have a flashing amber light. What does flashing amber mean? it means you can go as long as no one is on the crossing but you need to give way to anyone who is on the crossing.

Intelligent traffic lights may soon be widespread in the UK if a new trail in Swindon is succesful.

The trial in Swindon is of lights with a sensor that detects speeding motorists and causes the lghts to turn red. The sensors will also be able to recognise the registration plates of emergency vehicles and allowing them to pass through the lights uninterrupted.

This technology opens the way to all sorts of applications, not just controlling speeding traffic but also to ease traffic flow.

Some traffic lights have cameras to catch motorists who jump the red lights and so then you are liable to a traffic light fine